sewing project #2

Strictly speaking, it’s taking a bit longer than a week for me to get these up but with work/life being particularly hectic at the moment this is probably the best it’s going to get for a little while. Knowing that I’m approaching the busiest time of the year, I think it might have been a bit ambitious to have this as a weekly project but I’m still making sure I think ahead and research what I’m going to do next and I’m pretty damn happy with the progress I’ve made so far.

So, for my second project I wanted to try another skirt and decided to opt for an encasing for the elastic to go through at the waist. I think the next skirt I try will be without any elastic but I just want to get used to using the machine again and these sorts of projects seem to be a good way of getting me back into the swing.

Behold, my beautiful 1950’s car print fabric:



Most of this was done during the week late at night and I have to say, I think it was my favourite way to work. I’m much more productive later on during the day and I found myself getting quite excited at work about this and what it would look like, etc. I’m pretty impatient by nature so I’m glad I allowed myself to take a bit more time over this.

seam mid-sew

Overall, I’m really happy with this – the finish is a lot better than the flamingo skirt I recently made and already I’m finding myself feeling a lot more confident with the machine, etc. Because of the positioning of the pattern on the fabric and the fact that I’m obviously going to need more material because of my size, I cut out two panels and added on an extra 40% to my waist measurement to get a slight flare.

I did originally make this far too long as I’m still very conscious about seam allowances, length, etc. and am determined to make each item of clothing I make wearable, but this was easily rectified and I think next time I’ll feel a lot better about making the necessary snips first time to ensure I’ve got a skirt which isn’t halfway between my knees and ankles!

Once again, excuse the rubbish iPhone/mirror shot but here I am looking fairly pleased with my efforts:

full length


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