wedding wear

I have absolutely awful luck at buying plus size “vintage” dresses on eBay. Despite sizing up and looking at photos, etc. etc. whenever it arrives, 99.9% of the time I’m disappointed and it either doesn’t fit or isn’t quite what I thought it was. I never seem to learn my lesson either, as I have a massive box full of these dresses which I’m damned to throw out/sell as I’m convinced I can work some magic with them and sometime very soon they will be heavily featured in my sewing projects (of which my second one will be up later this week!).

I had a wedding to attend at the weekend and with the combination of wanting something new to wear, feeling colourful but being poor, I decided to scour eBay in search of a suitable dress and I was far from disappointed with my purchase so I thought I’d share it here:



As you can see, I decided to go all out on gaudiness and teamed my dress with a bright lilac lipstick – unfortunately my iPhone camera doesn’t really do it justice but trust me, it’s bold and it’s BRIGHT.


Lips: ‘Mystic’ by Sleek
Necklace: Forever 21


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