awesome ladies doing awesome things

In my quest to be able to make clothes I like which fit properly, there are a few plus-size ladies out there who have already mastered this fine art and are proving to be a massive inspiration to someone like me, who has a sewing machine and an eagerness to learn. Seeing awesomeness like this just spurs me on and makes me realise it is TOTALLY possible to have a wardrobe where you love 100% of the items within it, rather than liking a fairly small percentage and accessorizing the hell out of everything else in an attempt to make it seem more ‘you’.

Compared to just over a decade ago when New Look’s Inspire was a catalogue you had to order from, ASOS Curve didn’t exist and I’d have rather worn a potato sack than shop at Evans, things have definitely improved hugely in terms of choice. There’s always room to better this though and for someone on a particularly tight budget (unfortunately I’m not really in a position where I can spend £40 on a dress), I quite want the satisfaction of being self-sufficient and sticking my fingers up at anyone who thinks being fat means you’re not good enough to have the same choice as everyone else and that you have to wear a certain cut in order for it to be deemed ‘flattering’.

So, without further ado, please see aforementioned awesome ladies doing awesome things:

Ashley Nell Tipton

ANT-maxiANT-crop topANT-mustard dress


Ashley is a fashion graduate from California and has recently released the above collection for sale. I’m a big fan of this and particularly love the mustard dress with blue collar – it’s so refreshing to see bold and contrasting colour choices. I also LOVE the layering of the lace crop top over a dress and think it’s something I’ll definitely be trying out.

Apple Charlotte



I was completely blown away by Charlotte’s final degree collection when I saw it last week. From what I’ve read, she’s had to fight tooth and nail with her university to present this and has had so many obstacles to overcome, which is absolutely ridiculous because “Hello, fat people exist and spend money too!” Despite this, I think she’s produced something pretty bloody amazing and I really, truly, hope she gets the recognition she deserves for all of this hard work.

Domino Dollhouse/Tracy Broxterman

DD - galazyDD-pinkDD-sailor


LOVE Domino Dollhouse and am dreaming of a day (hopefully in the not too distant future) when I can go on a bit of a mass ordering spree and buy the hell out of most of their dresses. Domino Dollhouse was created by Tracy/Chubble Bubble and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t look forward to the release of each new collection – I love how nothing seems to be ‘off limits’ and although ‘fun’ seems to be at the centre of each piece, it’s actually quite diverse and I think would appeal to a wide range of tastes.

Gabi Fresh for Swimsuits for All



Now even though I believe Gabi has just designed these swimsuits, I think they deserve a special mention because there’s simply not enough choice out there and I love how much fun the colours and galaxy prints are.

I know there are so many other amazing people out there doing great things like this – please let me know if there’s anyone else I should be checking out!


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