So, how did I get here?

Approaching my thirties at the speed of light (I’ve got just under a year and a half but trust me, my twenties have whizzed by in a flash) and several half-arsed, one post blogs later, I have decided I’m big enough and ugly enough to have a corner of the internet where I write about what I get up to, what I enjoy and what I believe. I doubt it’s going to be a revolutionary look into the life of a fat, feminist twenty-something but to be honest, that doesn’t really matter. I’m never going to be as eloquent as 90% of people out there but I figure the more rad fats people see living unapologetically and enjoying what they do, the better.

Expect to see a lot about records I buy, food I eat, things I like on the internet and various sewing projects I undertake (and hopefully not make an entire botch of).


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